Same tags used in several dbs

Just began using tags. Is it correct that if I want to apply tags to documents in the Inbox already and then move the documents over to my regular database I have to replicate the tags from the Inbox to the regular one? If I create the “Bank” tag in the Inbox i have to create it in the destination database to in order to “filter” “Bank” tagged documents. Thanks for your insight!

Not correct. The tags follow the document from database to database. You’ll need to make sure that spelling/upper-lower case/spaces in the name of the tag are the same or new tags will be created.


If you add a tag to a document in the Global Inbox and then move the document to another database, the document retains the tag and the tag is created in that other database. The tag also continue to exist in the Global Inbox (or wherever it was created before the document was moved).

Thank you Greg, Korm! Got it!