Save a Page that was followed by a Link

If I follow a Link, the options for saving the Site are disabled in DTG.
The manual says:
“A star indicates that the shown web page does not represent a document but was loaded temporary from the internet.”
DTPro allows to save the Page. Is there a way to save a temporary loaded document within DTG or copy the URL?
The manual says “Tap the web page name in the tool bar to toggle between the page’s name and its address.” but that does not seem to work on iPad or iPhone in the current Version (or I tap the wrong Place)

Greetings, Richard

You can select text and save that as a new document. But the version 2.7.4 will come with a share option that allows capturing also web pages loaded by navigating to them internally.

This used to be possible in early versions of DEVONthink To Go but we have removed this functionality because it never worked well. We will update the documentation accordingly.

Thanks for the reply. Glad, I was not tapping it wrong :sweat_smile:

I found it easiest to go back one site and then put a link into the “reading list” and then jump to safari to import the site.

Thanks for the help