Save a webpage in Safari as .pdf in DTTG

Is there a smart way to save/export a webpage as a .pdf direct in to DTTG?

I am after a way not to have to go via a .pdf converter. Like to be able to save webpages when Inhave internet and then read when I have time on a flight or offline.

I would like to see both pictures and text. I tried Clip to Devonthink but think it only works when Inhave internet connection to read the results.

You can choose Share > Print in Safari, enlarge the preview to switch it full screen, then use the Share option there to send it to DEVONthink To Go. A workaround, but this works in all iOS apps that offer printing.

Thanks Eric! I just found that out yesterday evening. Works perfect and faster than to go via other apps.

I can save as a webarchive using the clipper and later read it when not connected to the web.

I prefer this approach, too. And then on the desktop I can convert to PDF if I need it. The links in the resulting PDF are preserved, which the iOS Print to PDF trick does not do.