'Save as' dialog - save to current group

My workflow involves opening iWork Pages documents and saving them as PDFs in the same folder.

I’d like to emulate this process in DTP, but I can’t find a way to open a file externally (in my case, iWork pages) and then ‘save as’ back to the original group in DTP.

Is this possible?

I know I can ‘Save PDF to Devonthink Pro’ but that goes to the inbox instead of the original group.

Any ideas?


  • David

I am having the same problem. I update the version number in the filename of Word documents when I make a major change - I would like to be able to save the file into the current group, the way I would save to the current folder. Instead, I have to Save As to the inbox, close the file, go to the inbox, move the file, open the group the file is in (because focus will stay on the inbox), and reopen the file. This is very inconvenient. I have to close and reopen because word will keep saving to the inbox otherwise, and since the files in the inbox move to somewhere else, word will keep saving a new file to the inbox. Excel will give an error because the file has moved.

I would love to find a workaround for this.

There’s the hard way and there’s the easy way. The hard way involves a multi-step process of opening, saying, moving, reopening. Too annoying.

The easy way is “duplicate”. I need an audit trail for my work, so when I need to make major changes to a document that’s stored in DEVONthink or the file system (and indexed in DEVONthink) I duplicate the prior version, rename it, then open the new duplicate in the editor app. Duplicate by selecting the document in DEVONthink and using the command-d shortcut. If the first draft is “The Meaning of Life_draft 23_20130413.docx” then after duplicating I rename the duplicate “The Meaning of Life_draft 24_20130414.docx”, and open in Word.

Since I known I am going to make a major revision before I do it, making the working file first is an easy step. I also avoid overwriting prior work this way.

(I prefer this method over OS X versions, which doesn’t give me the flexibility I need to distinguish drafts in the document name – and few applications actually support versions fully.)

Korms solution works if I’m wanting to save a revision of a file, but unfortunately won’t work if I’m wanting to save as a different file type, in my case, PDF. Seems like the classify function works reliably to get it back into the originating group, but kind of a pain.

Maybe keep your documents in indexed groups?

Yeah that’s what I end up doing. :slight_smile: Just curious if it was possible with imported groups.