Save as location

Is it possible to open a word-file in DEVONthink, then change its content and save it to its original location within a folder in DEVONthink?

When I click “save as” it shows a strange folder with a number: 8 or 10 for example. The only alternative I see is saving it to Dt Inbox, but that requieres extra work later, in order to get the file into its place.

Thanks korm for your extensive reply, I really appreciate that.

The point is that if I open the document, that already sits within DEVONthink, using your method a or b for example, then after changing it within Word, I would like to save it again.

And that is the moment that the pain comes in: save as from word, suggests me a folder with a strange name: 1 or 8 or 10 for example.

I just want it to go directly to the folder of the original document within Dt.

And then there is another strange thing: if I save the new document to that folder called 1 o 8 or 10 or whatever… I have no idea where it is saved.

These are folders within Dt, but the file doesn’t show up after a Dt-search.

These folders are located in the package contents in the .dtbase2 file. If you were to navigate to where you store your databases then right click on the one you opened the file from, click Show Package Contents in the Files.noindex folder you have the different file formats. Within those folders are different directories (those numbered folders you have been seeing). Is there a reason you are saving as instead of just saving? If so I think the better option to do would be add the Inbox to your favorites in Finder and select that which will populate the new file in the Global Inbox.

Otherwise Korm created a folder action script that you can use to save a file to which will then prompt you where in any open database you would like to save it to: how best to save in DTP for Save As... files

You can also add this folder to the Finder favorites.

Thanks JCSully,

Yes, I want to create another version of the document, just as I would outside Dt.

I understand that, but that is not so fast and intuitive as it would be outside Dt and simply within the Mac environment. I would still have to move the from the inbox to the folder I was working from.
We are always very focussed on all the advantages that Dt offers, and there are a lot, but that shouldn’t make us blind to the disadvantages.

I guess the the answer to my question should be:
“No, that is not possible, but there are some workarounds that make this impossibility a little-bit less painful.”

No big deal.

Thanks, definitely will give that a look.

You can also add this folder to the Finder favorites.

Thanks korm, for explaining all this, it gives me a better understanding of the possibilities and impossibilities with Dt. I think it is good to know what you win by using Dt, but also what you have to give up.

Creating a new version was exactly that I wanted to do.

Suggestion 1 is creating a new file? I don’t want to do that. I want to continue with the existing file.

Suggestion 2 is for files created outside Dt? I want to continue with a file that sits within Dt.

Duplicating a file before opening it would be an option, however I prefer the way it works in the Mac environment. While working on the file, I can then choose later if I want to save it or prefer to create a new version, using “save as”.

Then you will want to look into indexing your documents in the database rather than importing them. Using the ‘Save As’ function in an app to create a new document into a folder directly in the database is just too risky. It’s not a question of if you will ever damage something, but when.

Thanks Greg Jones,

That’s a good-one!

Hadn’t thought of that alternative, … unfortunately indexing has other disadvantages for my workflow that I find hard to overcome. :frowning:


Thank you very much for your suggestion about Default Folder X, I definitely will consider the use of that. My workflow is more intuitive than rational, so any addition that will prevent me from saving directly into the DTdatabase will be welcome :smiley:.