Save Firefox Style "Web Archive"

I’ve tried all of the different methods for creating a “Web Archive” in DEVONthink and none of them capture the info exactly the way I want it. I prefer the format Firefox uses when you “save as web page complete”. It downloads the page and all the elements of the page (images, stylesheets, etc.) and re-writes the paths of these elements so they are relative to the html file. This way no matter where you move this “archive”, you always see the page exactly as it originally appeared on the Web site.

In DEVONthink, I could get it to download the page and the page elements, but the paths don’t change. So, if the paths in the original html were specified root relative, no elements can be found. If the paths in the original were specified absolute (.), then you would have to be online in order to display the elements. I cannot find anyway to capture a Web Archive in the Firefox style where it is totally self-contained and properly displayed. (I know I could save as a Safari Web Archive, but I do not want to use a format that all Web browser cannot handle. I prefer the “purest” format for html…html.)

Any ideas?