Save Framed webpage in DNT

Is there a way to do this? e.g.,

This isn’t possible as this page requires user interaction to view everything but clipping just uses the currently visible web page. The download manager isn’t an option either as this page requires JavaScript.

I did one thing which I often do on complicated HTML pages … in Safari show the page, then press Command-P (or the menu command), then pick “PDF/Save PDF to DEVONthink 3”.

There are probably other ways.

thx - doesn’t work in this case. Too bad

What doesn’t work? What works for me?

cgrunenberg response is correct since DEVONthink is not a web browser, and if the web developers require JavaScript, well that’s the way it is. But saving to PDF works here just fine. WDB.pdf (757.9 KB)

I’ve attached the PDF I made for you. Add it to your DEVONthink library and move on I guess.

thanks - but this is the first page only. There is much more. In any case, I found a different way: when you click on one of the web links, it will take you to an unframed page. Many thanks indeed for your effort anyway

It is not “the first page”. It’s the page exactly as the browser displays it when it loads the link you provided. What you presumably want, is a version of the digital document that they provide (kind of) when you click on one of the links on the left. Or that you can actually download as PDF from that very same website. Which is probably a lot more convenient.