"Save in Global inbox", will it come back

I asked it already in the blog-entry, but it as perhaps overlooked.

Therefore here again:

"Marcus wrote:

Nice, very nice. Great work.
But one question: Will the “Module” “Global inbox in save dialogue” (in german “Globaler eingang in Sichern Dialog”) in the final version be added?

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Just drag the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox to the Finder’s sidebar. Unfortunately there’s no way to do this on Snow Leopard automatically so far, the private APIs used on Leopard don’t work any longer.

Yeah, I did already, fine, thanks.

This works.


Is this with a local inbox also possible?



You can drag inboxes or groups of your databases into empty slots in the Sorter, and then drag content to those destinations. But the Save or Save As command will only be available for the Inbox ‘Place’ in the Finder, to send content to the Global Inbox.

The inability to Save-As to the right data base (much less to the right group within a library) is the biggest single frustration I have with DTPO. Since I use multiple data bases, even saving-as to the global inbox isn’t satisfactory because an extra step is needed to move the result from there to the right place. I might as well go through the Desktop. Files get lost and misplaced, causing configuration control problems. For now, I “have it” (the concept and procedures) and will avoid such problems, but a month from now? Unfortunately, this appears to be a nontrivial problem. Naively, it would seem that the “solution” would be for DT to (1) create local inboxes by analogy to the inbox currently found in Library, which can be manually moved to Places, which is accessible when Saving-As; (2) name them appropriately (e.g., DT global inbox, DT project 1 inbox,…). A user could avoid clutter by adding such inboxes to Places or deleting them as a function of what project he’s working on.


I use folders with attached scripts for this purpose. That is, I have a folder (on my Desktop, but you can have it anywhere), which I call “tophysicsdb”. To that I have attached a version of the import script that comes with DT, which I have slightly modified to import the files into the appropriate database (I also have it notify me via Growl). I’ve even changed the icon of the folder to look like the Inbox folder!

Unfortunately folder actions seem not completely reliable in this case: sometimes I drop 5 files and only 3 get indexed. The rest just stay there. Since I have my Desktop folders to display the number of files under them, I can see that a file is left and just drag it out and in again.

I don’t know why that is, and would like to know. Another folder action I have set, to automatically rename some pdfs, has been working flawlessly for the last 394 days.