Save PDF to Devon from Print Menu?

I’ve looked at the forums and can’t quite find an answer to this. With some of the other products in this space (KIT, Yojimbo) there is an option under print/pdf of “Save PDF to KIT” (or whatever). The scripts or whatever they are reside in Library/PDF Services.

Is there anything like this for DevonThink? As an aside, I’d do the save to folder with folder action, but don’t have Pro, so I don’t have the folder action to use.


Try this:

In the Finder, make an alias of the DEVONthink PE application. (This isn’t necessary with DT Pro or DT Pro Office.)

Drag the alias to ~/Library/PDF Services/.

Now, from any application with printable files, display a file and press Command-P to invoke Print. When the Print panel appears, click on the PDF button, then select DEVONthink.


That is exactly what I wanted to do. Thank you!

I love OS X. Try that with Windows. And yeah DT and DT support boards!

Thanks again Bill,