Save PDF to DevonThink Pro: Set as Default printer

Hello, Does anyone know of a way to set : “Save PDF to Devonthink Pro” as the default printer. This would save my a lot of time as I frequently print many items to DevonThink and I have to select this option each time. Other options such as bookmarklet does not work as much of the content I am printing is behind a firewall/VPN/password.

I have tried setting a keyboard shortcut to " Save PDF to DevonThink Pro"

as explained: … -os-x.html

However, on my machine(2011 Macbok Pro, SL) I still have to click the PDF button on the print dialog before the keyboard shortcut will work

I’m not very familiar with applescript

Any help is appreciated

I don’t think that this is possible as it’s not a printer, only a “PDF service”.

Another option might be to use DEVONagent which can add PDF documents, web archives and other stuff to DEVONthink.