"Save PDF to DevonThink Pro" under 10.7.4

The option to “Save PDF to DevonThink Pro” under 10.7.4 no longer seems reliable. Using Mac OS native “Save as PDF” works as expected. A link to demonstrate the anomaly … emailaddressmanager.com/tips/header.html

The affect is the same whether or not one chooses to use Safari’s Reader. And the affect is the same in Firefox.

Firefox v12
Safari v5.1.7

I’ve also experienced unreliable results with Save PDF to DEVONThink Pro since 10.7.3. Over here, the unreliability is not limited to DEVONthink - I have the same problem with the Save PDF in VoodooPad print service. I can’t say I didn’t cause the problem somehow. In the case of VoodooPad, I went back and forth with its author, Gus Mueller, for a while and he could find no reason the service shouldn’t work. With DEVONthink, the print service works about 80% of the time over here. It usually works when I retry.