Save pdf to DEVONthink

Using Firefox, clicking on a link to a pdf opens it in Preview. Having done that, I want to save the pdf to the DEVONthink database without first saving it to the filing system and then importing it to DEVONthink.
How do I do that?

Instead of opening it in Preview, you could select Save and save it to the Global Inbox. OR…

You could grab the proxy icon in the titlebar and drop it to the Sorter, if running, or to the Dock icon.

Cheers! 8^)


It used to be that when a PDF was opened in a browser, you could save to DT by printing (cmd-P) and selecting from the pdf pull-down. But you can’t print PDFs with cmd-P anymore; you have to use the horrible floating toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You can still save to DT, but it needs the additional step of saving to the file system first.

Presumably Apple have changed this; presumably to protect copyright material. But I miss the one-step method.


Do you see this with Safari or another browser? Which operating system? I ask because I still use the print to PDF function to print PDFs in Safari/Mountain Lion to PDFpen Pro and it works fine. I use the Save As…>Global Inbox to save PDFs to DEVONthink, but printing to PDF to DEVONthink should still work also.

Safari 6 and Lion.

Odd… in my system it shows one (or sometimes two) blank pages, no matter how long the pdf is. But the fact that it works for you in ML indicates that I’ve changed a setting somewhere. I can’t see anything obvious.

I just downloaded FF 14 to see what happened there, but that won’t display PDFs at all; and I think it’s too late to investigate that tonight…

Thanks, R