Save sort order in exported bookmarks?

Is there some way to preserve my carefully arranged bookmarks in the same order when exporting to Safari? Everything’s kept in the proper folders, but within each folder Safari just kicks them into alphabetical order.

Dragging & dropping the bookmarks to Safari’s bookmark manager should retain the order.

No, I’m sorry, it doesn’t: drag a folder full of bookmarks (called, say, “/WEB: SITES”) to Safari’s bookmarks manager, and what you get is a bookmark called “WEB:%20SITES.”

Funny - I can’t drag groups from DT to Safari’s bookmark manager at all, only multiple selected bookmarks from DT to Safari. And that’s working as expected.

Yes, well, the point is that most of us keep our bookmarks in folders, and folders within folders, and folders within folders within folders, and we’d like to keep these when exporting from DT to Safari.
But the drag and drop method doesn’t recognize folders, and exporting to the desktop and then importing to Safari messes up the order the bookmarks appear within folders. Can’t something be done about this?

I don’t think so. Safari’s bookmark manager isn’t scriptable and the order of items dragged from the Finder is undefined (usually ordered by name).