Save Undo buffers

I know nothing else on the planet does this, but I think it’d be very useful if the undo buffers were saved with a text document.  Ideally there would also be a way to see what was in the undo buffer, or at least what was next to be undone.  This would let you work on a document, put it away for a while, and finally come back to it to find it in the same context you left it, with the cursor where it was and all the changes you made still in the undo buffer, jogging your memory about where you left off.

Thank you for the suggestion. I guess Word does actually save the modifications (one of the reasons why Word documents are that bloated) but it’s unlikely that DT will get such a feature (at least not in the near future).

Well, at the very least, could it not lose undo’s during the same session?  I’m often editing a document and go to look at another for reference.  When I come back to the original, I find that I’ve lost my undo’s and inadvertently commited myself to my changes, even if I only left for a few seconds.