Save web archive without reloading

I use Devon agent to collect info from the net, and save interesting pages as web archives in DTP. When I access the web archive in DTP, the web page is reloaded. Is there a way to avoid this? Sometimes I would like to be sure the web archive is as it was when downloaded, and that is not possible without control over reloading.

Yes, when you open a Web Archive while online, its links will be active and it will access the Web. Here’s information from Apple’s Safari Help file:

Note, however, that unless you resave or update the Web Archive, the information stored in your database will not be changed, as can be verified by opening the Web Archive again while offline.

Web Archive captures work best on ‘static’ pages that do not change their content rapidly during the short interval of time required to make the capture. Some pages, e.g., the Apple home page, may be displaying continually changing content and some elements of the page may not be captured.