Save Web Pages as Markdown

I really love the “save webpages as Markdown” feature in the DevonThink clipper on OSX. I have been hoping to find a way to do this on iOS but have come up short. Could this be added to the iOS 8 extension?

Or perhaps there is some other app that could do this, from which I could use the DT extension to grab the text?

The simplest (free) approach is to install one or more of the bookmarklets from Markdownrules in your iOS browser. The markdownifier engine is related to what the DEVONthink clipper is using. The workflow is to markdownify the web page you’re looking at, then clip it to DTTG.

I tried this and DTTG clipped it as a bookmark. This is a problem I am having with the DTTG share extension, in general. Am I missing a step or a setting?

I solved this with a workflow for Editorial. You can call the workflow via an Extension if you use the iOS app Workflow, or send it via editorial’s URL scheme in an app (like Mr Reader). … wc2IxlTx9k

Clever – unless the reader knows Editorial and writing workflows for Workflow, they won’t get it. Please post the steps.

Install Editorial Workflow:

  1. Install Editorial App
  2. Click this link: … wc2IxlTx9k from iOS device, then click “install workflow” link from the page.

Install Workflow extension:

  1. Install Workflow app
  2. Click this link: … ed37933fe1 from iOS device, then click “Get workflow” link on the page.

Use Workflow extension

  1. In Safari (or other apps that provide URLs), choose the “Action” icon (the box with the arrow pointing up)
  2. Choose “run workflow” from the Action extension row (the bottom row with the Black and White icons), then select the URL->MD workflow
  3. If “Run Workflow” isn’t listed in the Action extension row, choose “more” from the end of that row, then activate the “run workflow” extension from that screen.

Use URL scheme to send links to Editorial (instead of Workflow)

  1. Here is the URL scheme pattern, which you will need to adjust given the parameters of the app you are using:


the {{Input}} part is what you will need to adjust. Different apps have different ways of calling a variable.

Brilliant! Works well. Thank you for your time and contribution.