Save website to DT as pdf not working

I’ve been trying to save a website to pdf using the print dialogue into DT, but it’s not working. I had to save the website as a pdf and then import it. This is the site I’m trying this on … nting.html . Thanx

I’m using the latest beta of DTPO on a macbook unibody with 10.5.6 running.

By ‘Website’ do you mean just the page that’s displayed by that URL, or the complete Web site, which contains more than 2,300 files?

I had no trouble ‘printing’ the page into a DT Pro Office database using the script, Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro that’s available after clicking the ‘PDF’ button in the Print panel. The result was a 146-page PDF. (DEVONagent and DEVONthink’s browser can capture a page either as a continuous 1-page PDF or as paginated PDF. There are Bookmarklets with similar options.)

I don’t know why you had a problem. I would assume that you had enough free disk space. Are there messages in the Console log corresponding to an attempt to perform the ‘print’ capture?

I rarely need to capture Web sites, but as I hadn’t recently checked the Download Manager using the command, File > Import Site, I decided to download this site from its Home page. I set the option to capture Subdirectories in Download Manager and checked the options to capture a variety of filetypes including ‘unknown’ filetypes and started the queue.

The entire site, plus some linked external sites was downloaded into my Downloads folder. I then used File > Index to capture the downloaded folders. The size of the captures amounted to more than 120 MB, probably including a zipped copy of the site that’s already set up to download as a working Web site on your hard drive. Links worked and images were available even when viewed offline. (Currently, it’s necessary to Index rather than Import such downloaded sites in order for the links to work.)

Of course, capturing a Web site of this size takes time, especially as I have a relatively slow Internet connection. Once the queue is started in Download Manager (Window > Download Manager) activity can be monitored in the Download Manager window.

I’m running DT Pro Office 2.0 pb6 on a ModBook (custom Mac tablet based on a late 2007 MacBook) with 4 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD, under OS X 10.5.8.