save workspace

Can I suggest that the ability to save a DT workspace be added?

I have been working on a project in which I have 11 different DT windows open on 2 screens in a particular order. When I have to close DT, I have to arrange the windows once more and get them to the right page.

It would be great if there was a ‘save workspace’ option that would simply remember the windows open, the page they were on, the windows placement and sizes.


There is a few AppleScripts in the Extras Folder called “Workspaces”. I use them all the time… they work great.

Follow this in your DTP folder:
Extras/Workspaces/Add To Workspace.scpt, Delete Worspace.scpt, New Workspace.scpt, Open Worspace.scpt


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I spoke too soon. These scripts are really limited. They basically just remember which windows were opened and opens them all for you.

My real need is to keep the layout of the windows. For my current project I have 11 windows open, spanning across 2 screens. Whenever I need to close my database I have to spend a few minutes setting the windows up just right again. A true workspaces save function would keep this layout information.

p.s. the workspaces saving doesn’t preserve the page data either - i.e. which page of the document each window was on when last saved. This would be great too.

You could try the very neat little utility called Relaunch ( It allows you to take snapshots of applications open at a given time and, in the case of a large number of commonly used apps, reopen docs as well. DTP is one of the apps included. This means you can simply take the snapshot, quit and Relaunch will reopen the workspace docs exactly as you left them and in the same positions on the screen. I’ve just discovered it precisely for this purpose, and it works perfectly. Costs US$7.50, so it’s a no-brainer.

Best, Malcolm