Saving a document as a different type

I regularly compose a document in RTF ( or markdown, etc) and then save it as PDF. I am migrating to Pro, and am not sure what the best workflow is for this. The RTF document is in DTPO. If I do a Save As on the doc, the default directory that comes up is within the database where RTF files are stored. Is the best approach to save the PDF in the Inbox and then go classify / file it? Is there a better (i.e., easier) approach?


We recommend against trying to save a file created externally to DEVONthink (as use of Save As represents) to the Files.noindex folder that’s inside the database. If you do that, DEVONthink isn’t aware of the existence of that file; it wasn’t indexed for text content. Next time you run Tools > Verify & Repair it will be identified as an Orphan file.

Yes, when you use Save As, a good workflow would be to choose the Inbox location in Finder Favorites to send the new file to the Global Inbox. Then move the file to the desired database.

Alternatively, you could Save As to, e.g., the Desktop. From there, you could use DEVONthink’s Groups & Tags panel (Tools > Groups & Tags) to drag & drop the file from the Desktop to the desired database/group.