Saving a page from makes DEVONthink Pro crash

I tried to save it as a bookmark, as a web archive, and as HTML – the moment I try to view this in DEVONthink Pro, DEVONthink Pro crashes. I had no duplicates of this URL and repaired the database, etc. Trash was emptied also. … 282f218861

Can you reproduce this effect?

I was able to clip that site as a bookmark from Safari (using DEVONthink’s Share extension) and then in DEVONthink Pro Office convert that bookmarked page to a web archive. No crashes.

Clear your caches with DEVONthink > Empty Cache and try again.

Which version of DEVONthink/macOS do you use?

I tried again and again and it crashes. So I went to my backup drive and did a clean uninstall of DEVONthink Pro Office using the app AppDelete. I then installed DEVONthink Personal as a trial version 2.9.17. I installed the Chrome extension from within the DEVONthink app. I was able to reproduce the problem:

  1. I went to the page and saved the page to DEVONthink using the extension. The link ended up in the Inbox. So far so good.

  2. When I clicked on the link in the Inbox (the view was set to “as Three Panes”) then DEVONthink crashed. I found the crash report - it’s attached to this post.


I then tried the following:

  1. I created a new bookmark in the database in a new Group and pasted the link of that problematic page from in there – the page then showed up just fine in DEVONthink.

  2. After having added the page manually as a bookmark and then going back to the inbox where the initial import of that page was and where it had crashed – now, that link in the Inbox displayed the page just fine!

I’m on a Mac running El Capitan but I used the latest version of Google Chrome. And as I mentioned, other web pages do not pose such problem. Can you reproduce this or is it just me?

Martin (22.6 KB)

It’s a crash of El Capitan’s WebKit framework, this seems to be fixed in (High) Sierra.