Saving a set of tabs

When I’m researching a particular subject I often end up with several windows open, each containing several tabs. Now, I used to use a browser (OmniWeb?) that allowed me to save a set of windows and their tabs so that I could come back to them later – I’m wondering if something like that might be possible using DevonAgent and DevonThink Pro.

What I’d like to do is invoke a script that would create an RTF file in DTpro that lists every window with the links for each tab within that window. It would ask me for the title of that RTF file and I would name it as I might a workset in that other browser (Opera?). Or perhaps it would use one RTF doc for each window.

Later, when I’ve finished my coffee or the lawn is done or the driveway is shoveled, I could select that RTF doc and have it open a window containing tabs with all those links. Or I could save it with other files I’ve downloaded as a record of where I was for that project.

Is this possible or is there some other capability within DA that might come close to this?


OS X 10.3.9
DA 2.0.3
DTpro 1.2.1

Did you have a look at the scripts to save, load and delete workspaces? See Scripts menu of DEVONagent.

Sorry. Just not used to someone anticipating my every need. Must have been something in my childhood.
Now…about that Playstation 3…

I had completely forgotten about those scripts or, when I had seen them last I may have assumed, for no apparent reason, that they were specific to OS 10.4. Don’t know why. But they pretty much do what I was hoping for. Thanks for pointing them out to me.

Does that “save workspace” command in the script store the links in such a way that I could access them to create an RTF file of those links (or some of those links) to save with my project?

Or could I adapt the code from this message from acoyne
to create a new doc in DTpro from the tabs in DA?


No. But assuming that you’re goal is to open the workspace from DEVONthink Pro, you could do something tricky like this. First, save this script:

on triggered(theRecord)
		set theWorkspace to (name of theRecord) as string
		tell application "DEVONagent"
			if workspaces contains theWorkspace then
				close browsers
				load workspace theWorkspace
			end if
		end tell
	end try
end triggered

Finally, create a new link in DEVONthink Pro, rename it to the name of your workspace, open the Info panel and select this script.

Afterwards selecting the link in three-pane or split views or opening the link will launch your workspace with just one click.