Saving a URL within DTPO

OK, so I’m browsing my RSS feeds and find one of particular interest about the new OWC “on the go” SSD. I click on the link to go to the OWC page and I want to save that page within DTPO. I tried dragging it to my inbox, to other open groups, I tried dragging the URL, nothing seemed to work. I finally had to launch the URL in Safari by double-dlicking the URL in DTPO, then saving it using my DT bookmarklet thing.

I looked through all the menu items and icons in the tool bar and elsewhere but nothing looked like what I needed (and the tool tips didn’t reveal any likely suspects either).

So how does one capture the page or URL in DTPO’s browser?

I’m sure it will be something of the utmost simplicity and I’ll slap the side of my head and buy Bill a lunch at Brownie’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you right-click (or control-click) on the page, you’ll find a number of options to deal with it:- capture webarchive, capture page, page address, etc.

Lunch at Brownie’s Family Restaurant at Bean Blossom sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

Hey, waitaminnit now!

I just went and attempted to do stuff by right-clicking while my mouse was “hovering” over a web page in the DTPO browser. Indeed there were several options but when I selected any of them, there was no indication of where the “captures” went! I checked my global inbox, the local inbox, the group I’m working in, my Desktop, my Downloads folder, and zip! I Checked the “today” smart group and my captures weren’t there either.

So where exactly do these things go when selected and executed? Here is a screen shot of the possible captures:capture.png

Hovering the cursor over the page displayed in DEVONthink’s browser doesn’t cut it.

Select some or all of the page content, then try one (or several) of those contextual menu options. In the case of WebArchive capture, Select All will allow capture of the entire page. If only a portion of the page is selected, the resulting WebArchive will contain only the selected portion.

New items will be added into the group in which you are working, if you are viewing the page within a view window. But if you open the page in its own window, then capture with those options, the new content will be saved in the Inbox of the frontmost open database.

OK, I’ll buy that except why do these items get displayed if they don’t do anything? :open_mouth:

Your advice about selecting some content makes things work as mentioned above. I just wonder about the necessity to do the extra step of clicking on the page to save it. If I’m looking at a page in Safari and want to save it, I simply capture it with the appropriate DT bookmarklet with no extra mousing or (heaven forbid!) keystrokes. I expected the DT browser to work similarly.

OK, I owe you a lunch at Brownie’s. confirmation off-list.