Saving bookmark from DT browser

I’m using a devonthink database as a primary bookmark manager and it does a sweet job for the most part–easy to send bookmarks from Safari and FF using the bookmarklet. Problem is when I’m sorting my saved bookmarks from the inbox to appropriate folders I’m using the DT browser and sometimes need to simply bookmark the page I’m on from there. Is there an easy way to do that? Wish I could just drag the URL to a folder or click a button to send it to the inbox. Am I missing something obvious?

To save a bookmark of a page you are viewing in the DEVONthink browser, in the menu choose Edit > Copy URL (note that there’s a keyboard shortcut).

Now select the group into which you wish to save that bookmark document and press Command-N, which creates a new document from the clipboard. Or just create the new bookmark anywhere convenient, then move it to a desired location later.

Note: You can edit the Name of a bookmark document without affecting the URL link.

Or just use the command “Capture Page Address” in the contextual menu of the browser. Similar commands are available for links and frames.