Saving Forum search results

Is it possible to save, either to desktop or preferably to DEVONthink Pro office, search results of searches done in these boards? I would find this a great help especially when a lot of results are obtained and I have to leave off reading them. If I can easily keep a note of which ones I have read it would be a plus for me. Thanks.

I like to use the forum’s “print view” option to display a printable page for a forum thread, and then print that to a PDF and save it in DEVONthink.

“Print view” is an impossibly tiny and easy-to-miss icon in the upper right corner of this screen image. Once you know what to look for, you’ll not forget it. It’s the finding that’s not easy :laughing:

Never knew that was there! But what I am looking for is to preserve a list of search results and I can not see the print view icon in such a window.

Just realized that I could save a pdf and that would be fine, but often the number of results obtained is in excess of the 25 allowed on one page.

If you’re using the prosilver board style (as I do, since its displays more content per screen than DEVONtech afterburner) there’s a Print view icon/link near the top right corner of topic pages:

Print view.png

Different styles? How do you change them, didn’t know there was such a thing :confused:

User Control Panel > Board Preferences > My board style

Excellent Korm, thanks. :smiley: