Saving new clips to a specific place

Maybe I’m missing a technique that I just don’t know about, but…

I often do a series of clippings on the same subject matter. If I’m in the appropriate folder to start with, the first clipping winds up there, too. However, the next and subsequent clippings end up at the top level and I have to select them and drag them to the appropriate folder.

Is there a way to get them to go where I want them right off the bat?


Which command do you use to create new clipping and which view is active? And what is selected before you create the new clipping?

I use the Services Command Take a Plain Note (or Rich) in the List view. I select whatever text I want taken to DevonThink in whatever application I am using and then give the command.

The only possibility to change the destination group is to select a default group for new notes (see Preferences > Notes). This will change as soon as there will be a contextual menu plugin (services are not dynamic in contrast to CM plugins).