Saving new docs directly to specific folders/groups

Is there a way to save documents to folders/groups in a DevonThink database other than the Inbox? For a long time I’ve been pulling together ad hoc scripts for importing documents. As the software I use to create the files changes, I’ve found these scripts requiring more maintenance than I bargained on. (The best and most stable script I have right now is takes files selected in Quicksilver and moves them into the frontmost DT window, deleting the originals afterward. Importing Gmail links from Google Chrome has been particularly troublesome, though.)

Ideally, I am trying to find a script or a feature that I missed which would take me from any standard OS X save dialog to having the output file stored in my DT database in the correct folder/group in as few steps as possible. In a perfect world I could access the entire tree of groups from directly from the save dialog (as though my whole DT database was a mounted drive), but I’ll take what I can get here.

Any recommendations or advice?