Saving OCR'd documents

Hello, I am new to using both a Mac and to DEVONthink, but am using the tutorials from DEVONthink4Historians. I am able to import and ocr my documents (photos of archival material) but DT wants me to save after each document is imported. I tried to import a batch of 17 photos (a pamphlet) and it asked me to save after each photo was imported and ocr’d. I have roughly 14,000 photos and would love to know if there’s a way to hit save after a group of documents is imported. Otherwise, I’ll be hitting save 14,000 times…
On the DT4Historians tutorial, the video does not show the screen that I get asking me to save–it just uploads.
Thanks in advance!

You likely have the Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF > Enter metadata after text recognition enabled. Disable this and the metadata panel should not appear after OCR.

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