Saving PDF in Acrobat to proper directory


I want to save a PDF in Adobe Acrobat directly to DevonThink Pro, to the correct folder.

  1. I made a new map in Devonthink Pro.
  2. I made a new file to enable "Show Finder’, a text file
  3. The textfile shows not the name of the group, but /Users/spriet/Desktop/test.dtBase2/Files.noindex/txt/2
  4. I don’t want to have the PDF’s in /txt/2 so what should I use?

Saving PDF and the using print script to DevonThink doesnt work.

What you are wanting to do is not possible, and trying to save documents directly into the database’s Files.noindex folder could lead to problems with your database integrity. The location in the Finder of your DEVONthink documents is completely different from your Groups that you see in the DEVONthink databases. You can have 100 different documents contained in the same group in the database, but they may be stored in 100 different folders under Files.noindex in the filesystem.

You do have a few alternatives-one of which is to show the Global Inbox in the Finder’s Sidebar and you can save documents directly into DEVONthink. You’ll still need to move the documents from the Global Inbox to the Group in the database where you want to store it. You can also create folders in the Finder and index those folders in DEVONthink. You’ll be able to save documents directly into these folders from Acrobat, but then you have the potential downside that you get with indexed documents.