Saving protected web content in DTTG


I‘d like to save, read and annotate web content in DTTG which is only available in password protected environments, but the iOS sharing integration doesn‘t support this. Are there any suggestions on how to save such kind of content to DTTG on iOS?

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Try adding a bookmark to DEVONthink To Go, logging into the site in our app, and attempting the capture.

Tanks for the tip, but this leads to the same result: I only see half of the content and get a message similar to “Please login to read the full article”.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee captures of all pages.
What site is this?

Hi, it’s a local news website…

Try using an iOS print solution.

Open the full article in Safari
Choose Share/Print
Use the zoom (2 spreading fingers) gesture on the document preview
You now have a PDF document in full-screen preview
Choose Share/DEVONthink from there
The DEVONthink clip window should appear, save it to DEVONthink
Tap Done on the PDF preview, Cancel on Print and anywhere to dismiss the first Share menu.

Once in a while you might see an error saying a file is missing. This appears to be a random bug in iOS 13 and it will work if you reboot the iOS device.

Thanks for the tip. I actually used to us this quite often, but I would prefer saving the content in Markdown and without clutter. Nevertheless: Thanks.

Set Safari to reader mode first (you can default it to a website if you want), and/or select reader under ‘Options’ in the share sheet of Safari on iOS.

That usually allows you to generate a PDF without clutter.

Apple has changed the way one selects reader mode a while ago. On the left side of the URL you’ll see the letters ‘Aa’, press that and select reader. Or choose the lowest menu item and set Safari to always use reader mode on that website.