Saving ranking in the archive?

Hi… currently evaluation DT pro & DA… almost sure to buy. :slight_smile:

One question: after a search in DA is finished, I get the hits sorted by ranking (the yellow/orange/red bars).

Today I had to leave right after a longish search, so I saved the results in the archive. When I opened the archive later, no more ratings! Only sorting by name, date and size… bummer!

I find the ranking VERY useful when going through a linger list of results. Have I overseen something or is there a reason why the rankings are not saved to the archive?


Hi, Gerald:

The ratings are dynamic, related to the contents of that set of search results.

As one can repeat the search many times, e.g. using scheduled searches, the ‘frozen’ rankings for a search set could be misleading if later reviewed in the archive.

Further, it’s possible to move items between archives, which would be still trickier for a ranking scheme in archived results.

Perhaps consideration to rankings of archived items may be given in a future version.


OK, i imagined it must be something like the reasons you gave. Maybe it could be done in a future versions that “froen searches” can be saved with rankings.

I ordered DT pro and DA yesterday evenening, btw. Amazing software. After only a couple of days of evaluation I have achieved an amount of structure and order in my materials which really gives me a lot of overview, confidence and control. A knowledge worker’s dream tool!

You could use the toolbar search of the Archive. Enter one or more words and the upper right pane will display the search results including a rating. Please note that this search is currently using an implicite “OR” operator - a future release will support all query operators to search the archive too.