Saving to multiple databases

I am a legal professional and i use DTPro in my daily work and very happy. The support is excellent and all in all its a wonderful software. But…here it comes… two things would be very nice…one is a central repository/database that can be shared by multiple users…and second (and the most important one) the ability to either open multiple databases or at least be able to save a document to another database than the one currently opened…give me this and I am in heaven :laughing:

The later request (concurrently opened databases) is promised for the upcoming V2.


A “central” database that can be shared and modified by multiple users isn’t yet possible, but there are plans for a future enterprise version.

The information content of a database can, however, be distributed. Copies of a database can be distributed to other users who have the application (and locked if desired, to prevent modification).

The Server mode of DT Pro Office allows access for searching, viewing and downloading database contents by multiple persons using Macs or PCs, via Bonjour and their Web browser. I’ve used such “broadcast” databases that contain a syllabus, reading lists and selected references and so on, for classroom groups over a WiFi network. I’ve also used it very effectively for a project to create a large set of policy and procedure references that involved multiple reviewers and commenters. In the latter case, reviewers could send comments and suggested changes via email.

The trick that I use to manage new content that’s destined for a different database than the one that’s open will remain useful even when multiple open databases are possible. I will likely always have more database files than are open.

So in my main database, which is the one usually open, I have groups corresponding to other databases to which new content is to be sent. Periodically, I’ll export the contents of each of those groups to the Finder, then import them into the appropriate database.