Saving to PDF. Can I choose destination for the document?

Hi Guys!

I think I came across someone’s post the other day, but can’t find it now, where it was suggested that it’s possible to choose destination for PDF document when printing to PDF and choosing “Save PDF to Devonthink Pro” in the printing dialogue window.

Am I missing something here as I don’t get a chance to choose destination? It would be great if I could. It would save the hassle of moving the document from Global Inbox to its final destination within DTP.

Any ideas?

I’m using DTP v2.3.3 in Lion 10.7.3

If “Select Group” is the preference set in DEVONthink > Preferences > Import > Destination then the Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro Print service will prompt you for a destination in the current open databases (i.e., DEVONthink displays a version of the Group Selector – see Tools > Show Groups & Tags)

Spot on, Korm (as always!). Thanks a million!
I set this to Global Inbox many moons ago to make scanning in documents easier and forgot about it :slight_smile: