Saving tweets in DTPO?

Is there any way to save tweets in DEVONthink Pro Office (like RSS feeds)?


Not yet but a future release will support this.

Maybe in the meantime that’s how I do it.

Doesn’t seem to work at the moment (“502 Bad Gateway”).

Ok, same here, but it normally works most of the time, at least my tweet-feeds in DEVONthink Pro Office are all up to date, which here means, they are 10 hours old and/but the corresponding twitter accounts have not tweeted something newer at the moment, when I check their accounts. So it might be worth to try again sometime later

Maybe it’s just the service on their website, the “feed” itself works, I have just created one for DEVONtechs Twitter account and upon “refresh his feed” the tweets came in.

The URL to use in DEVONthink Pro Office is

The DEVONtech feed seems to work now but another account failed. Probably a caching issue (depending on whether the feed for a Twitter account has already been generated or is still queued)

Yeah, to say clear: I think this is more or less a stopgap solution with no guarantee, how long it may work. I’m just glad, that it still works and always did. The tweetfeeds I read in DEVONthink Pro Office are not so important, that I am reading them constantly, so I cannot guarantee, that they refresh every short time, but at least it’s all there, when I look into the stuff every now and then.

I will be happy, when DEVONthink Pro (Office) offers a solid integration for this!

It will offer one :open_mouth:

I know the policy for DEVONtechnologies (rightly so: see OmniFocus 2 Mountain Lion-Mavericks debacle) is to not comment publicly on upcoming releases/features explicitly (see: DTG 2.0), but I can’t wait for DEVONthink 3.0.

It’s going to be great.