Saving Web Archives

A dumb question perhaps: When I save a “Web Archive” from Safari, is there a copy of that page that resides within DevonThink? The reason I ask is that when it loads it looks like a browser is going to the Web to pull the page. I’d like to store a Web Archive that will remain in my database whether the page exists on the Web or not. Thanks in advance!

Web archives contain a copy of all currently loaded resources. However, dynamic elements (e.g. advertisements or animations) might require additional/different resources the next time you’re going to open it. This is unfortunately a major design flaw of web archives.

Thanks very much, the explanation makes a lot of sense. I’d like to save Web articles that allow me to click on links within the story from DT. What’s the best format for that? Sorry if my questions seem dumb.

Is it possible to mark up a saved web archive e.g. add highlights or comments directly on the visible page?

Web archives. But, not 100% perfectly. Some pages can render incompletely, or with non-working links, with the links appearing on the wrong part of the page, and other errors. YMMV, but sometimes PDF captures have working links.

No. Use PDF captures if you want to annotate the page.