Saving web pages with Flash content

Hi all,

What do you think is the best way to save web pages that include Flash content? My specific example is Slideshare, where my goal is to save a slideshow presentation in my DEVONthink database (e.g., … cl-scripts).

My intuition was that the Webarchive format would be best, but here’s the kicker: for some reason (it appears to be a JavaScript error on Slideshare’s page), the DEVONthink bookmarklet won’t allow me to directly save a copy of the page in Webarchive format.

(Why, oh why, do we still insist on using Flash?)

Thanks very much!

Assuming that you’re using Safari or any other WebKit browser, you could try to save a .webarchive file and import this into DEVONthink. Does this work? Because bookmarklets have to download & render the page again and this might or might not work depending on the page.