Scaling images in RTF

I noticed that I can have scaling of images when it’s just a JPG file, but I want to add images as reference in my RTF notes. When I drag an image in, it’s WAY too large. Any way to scale these in my RTF notes?

If you double-click an image in an RTF then that image will open in whatever program is configured on your machine for editing that type of image. Just an example: if you have set Preview as the default program from PNG or Jpeg, then double-clicking the image will open it in Preview. There, you can adjust the size if that program supports the adjustment. Once you save the adjusted file then the RTF will display that modified image. Be aware that there is no “undo” – if you mid-size the image and save it there is no way to revert the image in the RTF to its former size.

I was actually hoping to keep it the large file size, but have DevonThink automatically scale to fit the window like it does in Evernote or be able to scale down the images to a percentage like I can in MacJournal. Seems kind of strange that DevonThink doesn’t allow for that, which is why I keep searching… There’s GOTTA be a way, no?!

DEVONthink uses Apple’s OS X code for plain and rich text. It doesn’t provide for scaling images.

If you want to keep the original image intact, you could make a copy of it that can be scaled to a desired size, using a third-party image editor. Or use the free ThumbsUp app (on our Download page) to create a smaller image to copy into a rich text note.