Scaling PDF page size during webpage capture

I often use Safari Clip extension to capture webpages as unpaginated PDFs.
Sometimes the captured PDF shows correctly in DTPO or Preview but it is displayed as a blank page if opened in Acrobat.

That is due to the PDF page exceeding the max dimension managed by Acrobat i.e. 200 inches (5080 mm).
More precisely the max height or width in Acrobat is set to 14400 user space units which is by default set to 1 point (1/72 inch).

If the page is reduced (scaled) so that the bigger dimension (usually the height) is less than 200 inches the PDF becomes visible in Acrobat as well.

My request is to scale the PDF page created during capturing so that the max page dimension(s) are smaller than 200 inches and the PDF can be viewed in Acrobat.


Long PDF pages are better captured either paginated or as web archives. They are also not suitable for mobile reading as there is a maximum zoom amount that may not be high enough to make it legible.

Jim, thanks for the (trenchant) reply.

Do you see any downsides in scaling PDF page (other than the coding manhours)? It would guarantee greater compatibility with what is probably the most widespread PDF reader (whether we like it or not).

As far as you know is it even feasible?
As an alternative solution, is DTPO aware of the output page size so that the user can be informed (maybe by an icon on the Clip extension panel) and revert to paginated capture?
If, as you’re saying, unpaginated capture leads in some cases to sub-optimal results it would be useful to advise the user.

You’re obviously entitled to decline any user’s request but, if my memory serves me right, DEVONtech always took pride in not forcing a pre-definite workflow/practices onto their users.

Is anybody aware of a reasonably priced OS X app that can perform PDF page scaling?
I made my tests using a free web service (