Scan app for DTTG?

A search of net and forum came up blank with this, so I am beginning to wonder if I have dumb question here. But… Is there an IOS scan app that plays nicely with DTTG?

Thanks from a Newbie?

Any app that uses Open In to send a PDF to DTTG will work – I’ve used CamScanner, ScannerPro, PDF Scan +, and Prizmo. They all do OCR – IMO, the latter two do pretty good OCR and they also have desktop versions, if that matters. I’ve not found a good, comprehensive, and sponsor-ad-free site that compares OCR quality among these and other PDF/OCR apps.

Thanks, Korm. This is a good starting place!

I have purchased and tried just about every iOS scanner app. Prizmo seems to be slightly more accurate with their OCR then many of the others. The other vantage of using Prizmo is the ability of correcting the OCR lawyer prior to sharing it.

In addition, Readdle Scanner Pro shows a dedicated DEVONthink To Go button in its Share sheet so that you don’t have to send the file through Clip to DEVONthink but send it directly to your inbox.

I use this probably 5x a day. One fewer tap, so count me in.