Scan Direct to Inbox

I would like to specify where my scans go. And, be able to change where they go “on-the-fly.” Currently, they all default into the Global Inbox.

I have a group of receipts and would like to stack them in my ScanSnap and not have to move them from the Global Inbox to my Receipts Inbox.

If you are using DEVONthink Pro Office and want DEVONthink to OCR scanner output and convert it to searchable PDFs, do not send the output to the Inbox location in the Finder, as that confuses the OCR function. In ScanSnap Manager, the suggested (default) location for saving scans is to your Pictures folder. If you check the DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR to move original documents to the Trash after OCR, the original image-only scanner files will be removed from the Pictures folder.

You can control where new files are sent in Preferences > Import - Destination. If you choose the “Select group” option, you may choose any group in any open database to receive new files, via an HUD that will even allow you to create a new group on the fly.