Scan folder of books and extract all Table of Contents from all books?

Just installed DT and wondering if this is possible on a folder full of Epub, PDF and Mobi?

Requires a bit more definition of “this”…

I was looking to see if something similar was possible to script but unfortunately a lot of the innate pdf functionality, like access to the table of contents, is not available in the applescript dictionary. I am hoping over time more of this functionality will be exposed at a scripting level to be build out this kind of additional functionality.


NOTE: For PDFs, this is not a simple matter of ”I see a table of contents in this book I scanned, therefore there must be one accessible to DEVONthink.” The table of contents isn’t derived from the page layout you see onscreen. It must be present in the underlying data structures of the PDF. Very often, there is no such structure, hence no table of contents.

Thanks for the answers. It seems like having stuff like that exposed would really benefit research and humanity. Shame google books couldn’t do this for every book, I’d just build a script to scrape the one’s I have.

I am looking to do exactly this. Did you happen to come up with a solution? a hack? or workaround?

Thought about attempting it with regex expressions, but that’s probably too hackish to work consistently. I’ve been poking around in data mining books, but haven’t found a solution yet… If anyone can figure something out, I’d still like to hear about it too.