Scan from within DT3

Good morning everybody,

I just downloaded the DT3 Beta and playing around a bit.
Two questions:
is it stable enough to use in a productivity environment?

and: I cannot find the built-in scanner function from DT Pro Office. ScanSnap does not work for me in DT3, maybe because I don’t have a Fujitsu. But in DT Pro Office I could pack a pile of documents into my scanner, open DT Pro office, scan it all to the inbox and sort it later.

What am I missing?
Thanks a lot everybody, best regards,

It’s a beta and therefore usually not recommended for such environments.

See View > Sidebar > Import.

Also see the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Capturing Paper (Image Capture) which links to Windows > Sidebar: Image Capture.

Thanks a lot, I found it, works great and is so much more intuitive than in DT Pro Office once it is set up.
Great effort, good to see this wonderful piece of software being revolutionized :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

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Any chance you could add the menu item back to the File>Import menu to open the scan ‘From Scanner or Camera’ interface, same as it was in v2 ?

I’m not sure why this woud be necessary. The functionality is already there in the **Import sidebar.

The behavior is different now. Previously, when selecting ‘File > Import > From Scanner or Camera …’ it would open a new window with the scanning interface. Now that the default is to go to the Import pane in the same window, I have to open a new window, then select the Import pane to get the same behavior.

You don’t have to open a new window. You can easily switch between sidebars.

Sure, my point was, I preferred the old behavior of opening a new window. It is what it is now, but just saying, if it’s possible, maybe a checkbox in preferences to return the menu item and open a new window on scans would be nice. Having a menu item also makes scripting a little easier.

Having a menu item also makes scripting a little easier.

How so?

Because I’m no expert in scripting, and there are libraries I’m using in Alfred that scan menu items for scripting. :slight_smile: Now I’d have to add a step to open a new window, wait, then select the View > Sidebar > Import. Just saying it was easier in v2 with the menu item. Thanks