Scan or filter by publish date

I notice that the results tab often contains date.

How can I use that publish date in my search criteria or to filter my results?

You are using DEVONthink 2 here, so searching by a date is only accessible via the Advanced options in Tools > Search or smart groups (see Data > New > Smart Group).

Other options are available in DEVONthink 3’s enhanced search prefix syntax, e.g., additionDate:Today, etc.

I am a little confused. I am using DEVONagent Pro version 3.11.1.

When I execute a query get a result like this.

In the results I see dates. I think these dates are some kind of publish date. These are what I would like to use in my query or in some kind of filter.

I can not find a Data > New > Smart Group menu in DEVONagent.

Haha - My fault. I am so used to DEVONthink questions and your screencap was cropped so it looked like a DEVONthink search. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t add a query like that in DEVONagent. Some engines may support a date function but it would have to be added to a plugin. The Google (Last Week) or Last Year are a few examples, but these are specific to Google.

From DEVONagent’s Help > Support Assistant

Okay. Thank you. I will checkout the Google plugins.

Hi, is there a list of these syntaxes somewhere? (For DT Pro 3, not for DTTG.)
Thanks in advance.

Search operators and search prefixes are documented in DEVONthink’s Help > Documentation > Appendix.

Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

More specifically, if I use the pull-down menu on the advanced search bar and choose something like, “Date Added,” it’s pre-populated with “additionDate:This Hour.” Is there someplace that will give me a full list of options in place of “This Hour”? For example, I know I can add “Today” or “Yesterday,” but I’m not sure how I would write it correctly for other choices.
Thanks again.

In the Search Prefixes section…


:slight_smile: Thanks.