Scan Text--Date, in particular, interpretation of "prefix*suffix"

In the manual there are some gaps in the explanation of the Scan Text Date action for Smart Rules. Rather than ask about them all at once, it’s probably better to restrict one post to one topic.

I have a rule that looks like this:
Capto_Capture 2023-06-19_12-47-37_

According to the manual, if I understand it, the “Scan Text” action should only match dates prefixed and with “nonsense”.

So I apply the rule to a plain text file that contains this:

Line 1

a 2/7/2023
bb 2/8/2023 c

When I apply the rule to that file, I get both of the alerts, each with the corresponding date.

So I must be missing something about how the action’s prefix and suffix are supposed to work.

You don’t need to use the Scan Text action unless you’re specifically trying to scrape a specific date.

  • If you use Newest or Oldest Document Date, it’s already scanning the text on its own.
  • If you had a document with PAID: 01/01/2023 as well as other dates, you’d use Scan Text > Date: PAID: * and the Document Date placeholder.