Scan to DevonThink

Recent news release from DT talks about using the program with Fujitsu Scanner and OCR software to store docs into DT. I have the scanner. I thought DT could search on PDF files without the need to OCR them. What is the best routine for using this solution to store docs in DT? Scan all to one folder? I want more info from DT on this process to put it to work in my office. Thanks :confused:

Dt only indexes pdfs that have text in them. Most files you’ll download from the web are pdfs of word processing documents so the text is embedded. If you want to have Devon index scans of paper (in essence images), you’ll need to OCR them. The full version of Acrobat has a capability called Paper Capture that does a pretty decent job. I too am eagerly awaiting more news about this “paperless” solution.

DEVONtechnologies does have a development project for integration of scanning, OCR and transfer of PDFs to the DT Pro database.

No release date has been announced. That’s all I can tell you at this time. :slight_smile:

I have many PDF articles downloaded from JSTOR in my database. Unlike many other online academic journal houses JSTOR articles are only images and thus unsearchable. Recently I did something about this. If i list all my articles in the database with info, I could see which ones were images only, and then it was simply to use the actions button to open them in Acrobat, have Acrobat recognize the text using OCR and then to save them again. Voila, all my articles are now PDF + text.

Matthew Whiting