scan to .dtSyncStore

Obviously this brings a new question:

  • Using a network scanner I now scan to a SMB or AFP share on our NAS.
    => As the .dtSyncStore lives on the NAS as well, would it be conceivable to create a scans.dtSyncStore and have the scanner sync to this .dtSyncStore?

This way we would be able to avoid Folder Action script errors.

No, the sync stores are only suitable for synchronizing. But you could index the destination folder of the scans to avoid folder actions.

While I’m gradually searching my way towards efficiency here’s what I did:

  • webdav on Synology NAS
  • Finder cmd-k add connection to webdav, checked + working
  • Using mountain app -> preferences -> checked prevent unmount + favourite server
  • tested reboot of system
    => dav mount immediately visible in Finder

Then scan to webdav mounted folder.
Next DTPO -> File -> Import files and folders

(Crash report removed - sent to support)

Selecting + importing the file makes DTPO crash…
Does this crash report shed any light? (hope the file survives? txt, rtf, pdf not allowed…)

report is not complete.
Please let me know how I can submit a crash report?

It’s always best to open a support ticket to submit a crash log rather than post them to the forum.