Scan to Global Inbox Launches Devonthink

I find that each time I scan a document to the global inbox, Devonthink launches. Is it possible to prevent the application from launching?

The action of saving a document to the Global Inbox will not cause DEVONthink to launch. I would look to your scanner software to see if it has a preference setting that is launching DEVONthink when you are scanning. What scan hardware/software combination are you using?


I am using a fujitsu s1300i scanner. I checked Devonthink preferences and tried turning off the OCR option to Enter Metadata after text recognition. Still opens the app. I will try turning off the convert to searchable pdf. Thanks.

I’m thinking that this might be a setting in the Scansnap software. I don’t use a Scansnap myself, so I cannot give you anything specific to try.

I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe that changing any of the settings in DEVONthink will make any difference.

So far you are right. No setting changes in Devonthink preferences prevent the launch. I will try altering the Scansnap Manager settings.


Yes, that’s a ScanSnap setting, and if you want OCR performed, DEVONthink Pro Office must be running.

You have an incorrect setting of inbox as the folder to which scanner files are saved. The default setting in ScanSnap Manager was your Pictures folder, which works well, as would any location other than Inbox. Because items sent to Inbox are immediately moved to the Global Inbox, OCR probably can’t be properly performed.


In summary then these settings will always launch Devonthink upon a scan?

Save folder in ScanSnap manager set to pictures? Devonthink preferences for import to Global Inbox. OCR incoming scan set to convert to searchable pdf and enter metadata after text recognition.

What settings, if any, might I change to not have Devonthink launch following each scan?



You MUST have DEVONthink Pro Office running, if you wish it to perform OCR.

Ok. Thanks.


As a side note, you can always perform the OCR later with DEVONthink Pro Office, but that is a manual rather than an automatic process. Select the PDF(s) and choose ‘Convert>to Searchable PDF’ from either the right-click contextual menu or the Data menu.