Scanned Documents Are Low Rez

Hi All

I’ve a problem in which DevonThink 3.8.6 will always save scanned documents in a lower resolution than I would like. It has done this for a long time actually and has led to me scanning in using another program and putting the scans from that in via the Inbox. Anyway I would like to sort out this issue with DevonThink so that I can use its scanning capability.

When I scan in I set the resolution in the pane on the right of the Image Capture scanning window. Then the scan goes to Imports, and in Imports it looks absolutely fine. However then I “Save” it to the Inbox and now the resolution is much lower and usually too low for me.

How can I get it to “Save” to the Inbox without losing all that resolution?

Thank you.


Do you apply OCR to the scan or just import it?

If you are OCRing the scanned document, temporarily turn off “Compress PDF” in the OCR preferences.

Thank you cgrunenberg and aedwards for your replies.

Yes I am applying OCR and I have already turned off “Compress PDF” in the OCR preferences. The image still gets compressed and the compression is a lot actually. When I was searching for a cause of the problem I turned off “Compress PDF” thinking, that must be it, but then I was surprised when it made no difference.