Scanner and Monterey

hello all,

I am planning on buying a scanner in the next few days. I saw that a lot of posts are dated a bit for the scanner discussions. But if anyone has experience in the following.

Scanner that works with DT and plays nice with MacOS Monterey. I don’t want to break the bank for an expensive $400+ scanner either. I would rather use that money towards something else. LOL

Anything else I should look for? It doesn’t necessarily have to scan direct into DT (unless that’s easy) I am okay with it going to a folder on my computer and being indexed by DT.

Any scanner that is compatible to both Monterey and the Image should also be compatible to DEVONthink. But in the end it basically depends on the amount, frequency and type of your scans (e.g. paper, books, magazines?). Personally I prefer all-in-one machines (scan, copy, print), currently Epson.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9010 here