Scanner Brand.

Does anyone have any experience with Neat Receipts Scanner and it’s use with DevonThink?

Please have a look at this thread:

This thread petered out toward the end of February with Eric awaiting further word from the Neat Receipts folks, who had just “promised” to add hooks and handles for DTPO.

Unless there’s been news that hasn’t been posted, I’d say that the Neat folks aren’t very neat and certainly don’t give a darn about a bunch of sales to DTPO users. I say that those who really want a neat scanner to write letters to them and see if they move off dead center.

OTOH I got tired of waiting and popped for the Fujitsu and haven’t been happier.

I am more than happy with my Fujitsu Scansnap 300m. For such a small device it has amazing performance and it integrates very nicely with DTPO.

It’s time to start a bonfire! :smiley: