scanner import module missing

in the help it says

Scanner:: Imports printed documents as searchable PDF from your scanner. The plug-in uses the standard Image Capture interface of Mac OS X as a built-in IRIS engine for OCR (optical character recognition)

but when i go to File:Import menu there is no scanner choice (Devonthink Pro 1.0)

what am i doing wrong?

Can’t help you much.

I know that DEVONtechnologies is planning to add direct scanning/OCR support to DEVONthink Pro.

I do find an Epson scanner plugin in the Image Capture set. Apparently it uses TWAIN, which doesn’t work with my Canon scanner. I have to use a specific Canon plugin to ReadIRIS Pro. This works well for me, although I subsequently have to import the PDF to DT Pro.

In any case, I’m not entirely certain that the scan/OCR feature actually made it into DT Pro 1.0. :slight_smile: